The Hornet Staffing Story

Since Hornet’s managing partners entered the business in 1994, the world of staffing has changed significantly. One of the biggest disruptors has been the arrival of Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Vendor Management System (VMS) solutions.

Clients embraced MSP and VMS solutions, but the staffing industry saw them as their new enemy. Staffing was always a business built on relationships, but those new solutions upended that model, causing many staffing firms to struggle.

Where many staffing firms saw competition, Hornet saw an opportunity.

After a mentorship from some of the top MSPs in the country, the managing partners of Hornet Staffing had an idea. They designed a new staffing model that would thrive in an MSP program.

In 2016, Hornet Staffing was born. Rather than resisting the MSPs, Hornet Staffing embraced them, transforming its delivery model and dedicating itself to supporting MSP companies and Fortune 500 companies in need of compliant and efficient staff augmentation.

What’s in a Name?

People often ask the Hornet Staffing team, “What does the name ‘Hornet Staffing’ mean?”

The Managing Partners are very involved with youth football in Roswell, GA.  They have coached the “Hornets” since 2008 and over 200 kids have experienced what it’s like to be on their team.  “Hornet Football” is a big part of their lives; therefore, they decided to name their company Hornet Staffing.

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