Cheryl F.

I was matched with a job very quickly, interviewed for the position and received an offer. Larry was pleasant and helpful throughout the process. Hornet did a great job.

Russell B.

It has been great working with Diana and the entire Hornet team.  Thank you!!

Candace T.

The hiring process was easy and fast. Staff made sure I was updated and informed on everything.

Michael G.

They are very easy to work with and extremely helpful. Great People.

Hemant J.

The process was efficient and the professionalism was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

Brian F.

The staff did an amazing job.  They were so eager to help.  Fantastic experience.

Chandra P.

Everyone that I’ve spoken with has been very pleasant.  They’ve made me feel comfortable going through their company for the first time. Thanks!

Lerikk M.

I’m looking forward to this assignment. You guys made it easier for me. Thank you so much. I love Hornet Staffing.

Diana B.

I am so excited to be working with Hornet Staffing. I applied to for this position a few weeks ago. They have been in contact with me every step of the way. I’m just so thankful for this opportunity.

Darcelle B.

Very helpful and friendly staff. They work hard to help you find a promising career. I referred three people already.